Radmore’s of Truro are pleased to offer the following services from our skilled goldsmiths and diamond setters:

  • Antique jewellery restoration
  • General jewellery repair, diamond and gemstone replacement
  • Hand and seal engraving of rings, silver and bangles


Restringing also pearl sourcing for restoration and commissions.

Pocket Watches

Full restoration, cleaning and polishing service available.


Ring resizing, claw replacement and replacement and re-tipping

Diamond and gemstone replacement and re-setting.

Clean and polishing service.

Resizing Rings Policy

Most ring purchases being one-off items or antique tend to require resizing.

Should the item require resizing, all details will be needed by email before the item is sent to our workshops.

Item’s purchased that require sizing, please allow ten working days before the item is dispatched.

We can not be held liable for delays in delivering your goods where such a delay is due to reasons beyond our control.

While we offer this service to you, we cannot guarantee the exact date or time of the delivery so please allow ten working days for any single delivery.

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